PA Libraries Need Your Help!

Posted on: July 22, 2009

PaLA Call-In Week continues today through Friday, fortunate timing in the wake of Tuesday’s vote in the PA House of Representatives. The House, in a bipartisan vote of 150-49, did NOT agree with the Senate-amended H.B. 1416 that slashed library programs 55%. Please contact both your local state representatives and senators, as well as Gov. Ed Rendell in support of your library! The following list gives you some points to bring up with them:

1. Thank your Senator, Representative and the Governor for her/his past support of public libraries.

2. Tell her/him that public libraries are a lifeline for the unemployed, not a luxury. All across Pennsylvania, we’re busier than ever during this recession serving those looking for work, many without Internet access at home, and hundreds more of their constituents and families who need the library open more hours not fewer. (If you can, offer some specifics about just how much the library means to you in these tough times.)

3. Because their constituents need more library services now, urge her/him to support library funding as one of the priorities for level funding in the negotiations for a new state budget.

4. Remind her/him that the drastic, steep cuts (55%) included in the Senate budget bill will force library closings and service cutbacks at a time when their constituents need libraries to be fully open and equipped to serve.

5. Inform her/him that Pennsylvania stands to lose between $1.9 million and $4.3 million in federal money if any of the budget plans currently under consideration pass with deep cuts in library funding.

6. For all these reasons, when speaking with your State Senator and State Representative, urge her/him to contact their colleagues on the budget conference committee to please make library funding one of the priorities for level funding in the negotiations for a final state budget.

7. When speaking with the Governor’s office, urge him to make level funding for library services a priority in keeping with his strong commitment to education and Pennsylvania’s children.
You can get more talking points by viewing this updated Call To Action pdf.

As always, check out the resources below for additional information:

Pennsylvania Library Association’s State Budget webpage
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Advocacy
A projected amount of funding that is at risk

Listing of email addresses for Pennsylvania’s members of the House of Representatives

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